LIVE Events

The Kallzu Membership comes jam packed including 2 live events every year.
These live events are without a doubt the single BEST activity you can do for the growth of your business is meet others who are same path as you face to face.  The events will be a ZERO pitches and content shared will be from Chris Winters and existing members who are experiencing success.   There might be a few guest speakers but zero pitches.  These events will be purely educational and geared towards your success.  As long as your active member you pay nothing other than the travel expenses to attend.  Two events per year one located in South America the other in either in Spain or South East Asia.  This page will contain the recordings of our live events.

Bangkok 2017

April 21 - 24  2017

Venue : E88 Bangkok

Fort Lauderdale, FL - 2016

November 17 - 19, 2016

Venue : Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Barcelona 2016

The live event took place in Barcelona (Spain) on Sept 23 - 25
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