Kallzu Hero Tour, The Journey of Scaling!

Follow William, as he goes around the World on the quest for the holy grail for Kallzu Ads members: Building a massive pay per call agency as quickly as possible.

Scaling is the name of the game and each journey and business has its own set of unique challenges  ranging from hours of availability, vertical selection, expenses and even geographic location!

Updates are made often and posted right here, so be sure to check back in as each story develops!

Stop #5: Rob Gordon & Astara Trappmann - Glasgow, United Kingdom & Berlin, Germany

Rob and Astara founded their pay per call agency in late April 2017 (just after the Kallzu Bangkok workshop) and have had significant growth in their company (including a national deal)! They have both attended multiple Kallzu workshops and are ready to grow their business with William in Glasgow (Astara conferenced in via Skype from Berlin).

Their goal for the time spent on the Kallzu Hero Tour is 20 new clients!




Day 1 with Rob & Astara!

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Day 4 with Rob & Astara!

Day 5 with Rob & Astara!

Day 6 with Rob & Astara!

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Day 9 with Rob & Astara!