Kallzu Hero Tour, The Journey of Scaling!

Follow William, as he goes around the World on the quest for the holy grail for Kallzu Ads members: Building a massive pay per call agency as quickly as possible.

Scaling is the name of the game and each journey and business has its own set of unique challenges  ranging from hours of availability, vertical selection, expenses and even geographic location!

Updates are made often and posted right here, so be sure to check back in as each story develops!

Stop #4: Brian Bean - Houston, TX

Bryan is a hard working full timer in the medical equipment sales business (and he does very well for himself). He has always wanted a business of his own and started with Kallzu Ads as a charter member! He's also a long Kallzu SEO member. Bryan won 1st place in the  December Blitz (2016) and attended the Kallzu Ads Vegas event (March 2017).

His goal is to regroup and shift over to another vertical starting with an affiliate based offer using Kallzu Konnect and then switch over to a local client base from there!




Day 1 with Bryan Bean!