Kallzu Hero Tour, The Journey of Scaling!

Follow William, as he goes around the World on the quest for the holy grail for Kallzu Ads members: Building a massive pay per call agency as quickly as possible.

Scaling is the name of the game and each journey and business has its own set of unique challenges  ranging from hours of availability, vertical selection, expenses and even geographic location!

Updates are made often and posted right here, so be sure to check back in as each story develops!

Stop #3: The Dartt Brothers - Jacksonville, FL

Nathan (left) and Chris (right) Dartt, originally from Indiana (Hoosier country), have lived in Jacksonville for over 20 years. The Dartt brothers are a hard working bunch that are determined to make big things happen. They came into Kallzu May 2016, attended the Barcelona event (Sept. 2016) and also attended the Kallzu Ads Vegas event (March 2017). They both work full time and have family responsibilities all while building their Pay Per Call business!

Their goal for the tour is reorganize the entire business model (how they get paid and how much they get paid). At least 5 clients by the end of the tour stop is their goal for money in hand!




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Day 2 with The Dartt Brothers!

Day 3 with The Dartt Brothers!

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Day 5 with The Dartt Brothers!

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Day 14 with The Dartt Brothers!