Attn: Busy JV's Seeking A Quality Offer To Promote To Their List.

High Converting Webinar For ANY List Type or Size! Watch SHORT Video Below To Discover Why JV's and Customers Refer Our Training To Their Friends & Family.

We know you're busy so that is why I made a 10 min. strategic walk thru of the webinar.

  • Start webinar with testimonials of others that made money just by watching free content.
  • Let them know that we are going to make money LIVE on webinar with what they are about to learn.
  • Very brief bio-intro under 120 seconds.
  • We give many customer results with $$ screen shots
  • We address the MAIN concerns as part of the webinar presentation knowing they are coming then we reiterate then in end with social proof.
  • Stack the offer so the bonuses are as good as offer.

Watch 10 minute overview of webinar (below).

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  • Real Customer Results

  • 7 Day/Wk Customer Support

  • Proven Webinars For HUGE Profits

Your List Will Get REAL Results Like These!

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You Will Get REAL Results Like These!

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Overview Of Our Google Adwords PPCall Webinar

This webinar is perfect for ALL lists: CPA, Affiliate, SEO, Local Offline, and Biz Opp audiences in ALL countries.

No squeeze page, sales funnel, or long add copy. With Call Only Ads the prospect simply presses call button ad with only two lines of ad copy.  EASY!  Prospect is NEVER taken to website rather directed via phone call to a live person.

Newbies will NOT lose money optimizing their campaigns.    Unlike FB, YT, and PPClick advertising where one is expected to lose money at first to collect data with Call Only Ads because they are so inexpensive, about $2 per call, it is nearly impossible to lose money even for a complete newbie.  Plus members can have our expert Call Only Ads team review their campaign before going live to ensure it is optimized for profit.

Method #1. Make money with call only affiliate offers.  Automatically approved once they complete the training.  Paid out weekly instead of monthly so they can grow their business 10 times faster.  Highest payouts of any affiliate network.  Affiliates get paid to deliver calls regardless if the person who answers the phone make the sale or not.

Method #2. Make money with local businesses.   Easy to sell to local business owners because its simple to explain using pay per call business model.  You will deliver qualified calls that the local business owner (plumber, attorney, dentist, etc) can track and see an immediate ROI within 24 hours.   Without having to educate a busy owner on Adwords, Facebook ads, SEO, etc.. One simply says to business owner  I can deliver people in your service area wanting your services within 24 hours.  EASY!

To make it even easier we provide a proprietary system to get local business owners to call YOU wanting your Pay Per Call services.  (No it is not call only ads... we wish it was that easy).

How does this appeal to SEO audiences?  Easy! We take the approach that every business needs to generate predictable steams of multiple income.  SEO is one of those unpredictable slow streams of income AND paid low cost traffic is a stable source of income every SEO business should have.

If Call Only Ads are so easy and risk free why is not everyone doing it?  First, most people have not heard of Call Only Ads even though Google has offered  for past 5 years.  Second, very few know how to properly optimize Call Only Ads.  Lastly, and thee main reason is that Call Only Ads require software to manage calls for affiliate offers and/or manage local business campaigns.  Kallzu 2.0 software managing both perfectly.

Added value to your list that sets kallzu apart from other courses.

  • Two live coaching calls per month.  Where we have successful student share his/her strategies, our head adword PPCall coach talks about latest cutting  strategies to crush it.
  • Annual kallzu training event first week of January taught by successful students.
  • Spontaneous LIVE training and Q&A in our private facebook group.
  • Access to one of the most active private FB groups in the industry.
  • 7 days/week expert support so your customers are never alone.

This is the kind of webinar you want your relatives, parents and siblings to attend.


Follow Our Proven Webinar Strategies for MAXIMUM Profits!

Use our proven 2 live webinars followed by 3 days of strategic replays.

Any two days of the week (including weekends) separated by 1-2 days

Suggested times early PM and late PM webinar. For example, 2p EST and another 9pm EST.

Examples: Tues 2p EST, Thurs 9p EST, Fri. Sat. & Sun. Replay.  Wednesday 9p EST, Saturday 2p EST, Sun. Mon. & Tues. Replay.  Thurs 9p EST, Sat 2p EST, Sun. Mon. & Tues. Replay.  BTW weekends consistently have highest attendee rates.

Use our high converting GTW and email swipe.

Follow our proven email pre & post webinar email sequence with accompanying images to maximize sales.

Send them to our video webinar sign up page for highest sign up and attendance.

Use our advance GotoWebinar strategies to maximize sales.  We can use our GTW account or yours.

We will use our PROVEN retargeting/remarketing Strategies to maximize YOUR sales.

We have mapped out every point of contact with your customers and if they don't do the desired action we re-market to them.

  • Retarget email list that did not open your emails
  • Retarget those that did not click on on webinar sign up page link and register for the webinar.
  • Retarget those that signed up for the webinar but did not show and/or buy.
  • Retarget those that watched replay but did not buy.

A good retargeting campaign can increase sales by + 20%


JV Partner On Boarding Video.  Let Our Team Help You Market To Your List Using: Email, FB Messenger, FB Ads (we paid for it and create them), Text Message, Do LIVE webinars at time time to your FB Groups, YT Channel and GTW.

How You Get Paid!

Joanne Bosch will assist you to get affiliate link thru Thrivecart.

Payment is 50% of upfront $797 sale.

First payout  70% goes out via bank wire 48 hours after replay cart closes.

Remaining 30% gets paid 30 days from first payment.

After first 2 payments remaining payments are made on 3rd-4th and 15th-17th of every month according to guidelines below.

NOTE: We are proactive in out payouts by letting you know in advance when payment is going to be sent, the day it gets sent, and we always keep you informed of all future payments.

For example if a replay ends on March 7 th then we wire 70% on March 9th. Next payment is paid April 10th 30 days from last payment.

All future payments are made on 3rd-4th and 15th-17th of the month.  For sales less than 10 we pay commissions after 30 days.  For example if you make 3 sales those sales will be paid after 30 days on the 2nd or 17th of the month which every is closest to 30 days.


We need the following banking information:

Name on Bank account exactly as it reads on your statements. (this could be your full name or business name depending on type of bank account you have).

Home or business full address need to match address your bank has on file.


Name of Bank
Country and city of your Bank.
Account number and/or BIC

Paypal payments for payouts less then $500 USD.  You send invoice to [email protected]  Again we are proactive so we always contact you before payment is due with amount and if we going to wire or we need paypal invoice from you. 

Contact Us So We Can Add Massive Value To Your List While Filling Up Your Bank Account!

JV Success Manager

Joanne will ensure that your promotion runs smoothly. She is your go-to person for scheduling, email swipe, process access, custom registration page, replays, and prompt commission payments.  Contact her via Skype ID  jfyadbh to get started today.

JV Facebook & Youtube Traffice Manager

Aby is in charge of maximizing sales by utilizing Facebook & Youtube ads.  With traditional email marketing only 15% of your list will open your emails.  What about the 85% that did not open your emails?   Aby will assist you in targeting your list with a proven FB & YT marketing and retargeting plan.  His Skype ID aby2maria  NOTE: contact Joanne first and she will create a Skype group for all. 

Founder of Kallzu

Chris Winters is the founder of kallzu pay-per-call software, kallzu SEO, kallzu ads, kallzu ecom and soon kallzu fb local.  Chris actually does what he teaches with the help of team kallzu, a well-trained staff and coaches dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  Chris prides himself in offering training courses that get REAL results for members because at kallzu, we actually do what we teach.

Feel free to contact Chris his Skype ID cwintersg  Please note: Joanne is in charge of the entire JV promotion including selecting promotions to market to the kallzu community.  Also, when you contact Joanne she will create a Skype group that will include Chris Winters and the entire JV promotions team.