THE Simplest Online Business That Requires NO Website, NO SEO, NO Paid Ads, No Technical Knowledge... That Is Perfect For ANY List Because It WORKS!  Arguably Has The Highest Success Rate Of Any Online Course.

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Meet Shawn Snider THEE guy behind the course in this unscripted uncover RAW video of giving his 2 week job notice.  ( I dare you not to like this guy after you watch video)

  • Real Customer Results

  • 7 Day/Wk Customer Support

  • Proven Webinars For HUGE Profits

Your List Will Get REAL Results Like These!

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Discover the Essential “Conversion Hacks” You Can Apply To Your Business for INSANE Results Starting TODAY!

Overview Of Our Program & Why Your List (regardless of niche) Will LOVE It!!

Affiliate Commissions:

We pay ON TIME always!  Have full time in house JV Manager who's job is to ensure you are alerted in advance how much and when you will get paid.  In addition, when payment is made you will also get a message alerting you that payment was received.

Payments are made twice per month to either your PayPal or wire transfer (up to you).  Commission is 45% of the upfront fee collected.  Current upfront fee is $497 with upsells this averages over $600 per transaction.  YES we do up sells!  You would be foolish NOT to do them on a product launch and we feel the same way about webinars.

This webinar is perfect for: CPA, Affiliate, SEO, Local Offline, and Biz Opp audiences in ALL countries.  How can this webinar fit so many diverse lists?  Read on and you will understand.

Summary:  Simple business model that WORKS! Literally anyone can create an extra income with as little as 5-10 hours per week following our proven 3-step process.

Step 1.  Scan items using a Smart phone with app.

Step 2. Ship items to Amazon.

Step 3. Collect checks every 2 weeks.

Why this is different than Amazon White Label and Shopify:

With these business models, both require product research and oftentimes fairly substantial inventory investments.

The drop shipment model from Alibaba requires that customers wait 3+ weeks for delivery which in an instant gratification consumer market leads to unhappy customers.

Shopify WordPress theme is user friendly BUT still requires time and effort to build a professional online store that can be more challenging than expected.

Shopify requires you to become good at paid advertising: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  In addition, many require a strong social media following to drive revenue.

Amazon White Label program requires extensive research, product design, and bulk inventory purchases.

Bottom line:  Amazon White Label and Shopify business models require capital, hard work, and a steep learning curve compared to our program which has virtually NO risk, requires NO website, NO paid advertising, No shipping, No product design, No investing large sums of money into inventory.

Who is this for?

  • Parents that want to teach their kids entrepreneurial skills.
  • Busy professionals that want to supplement their income with 2-3K/mo or more.
  • Stay at home parents that want to earn extra income.
  • College students.
  • Retired people looking to supplement their income.
  • Can be done part-time or full-time.
  • Perfect to replace a full-time income.
  • Online marketer's spouse who wants to earn but has no technical skills.
  • Anyone that wants to easily diversify their income streams.

>>>>This is the kind of webinar you want to invite your relatives, parents and siblings to attend.<<<<

I have two full time JV staff who will:

  • Ensure your promotion runs smoothly
  • Deliver highest converting email swipes
  • Schedule your live and live/recorded webinars
  • Staffed chat boxes during webinar to answer questions and close more sales.
  • Swipe our proven FB marketing campaign and retargeting.  ** if you are new to FB our staff will  help you, no worries **
  • Help create a custom registration page.
  • Our goal is to create the highest value for your list and deliver maximum sales.
  • Paid ON-TIME affiliate commissions.


Webinar Replay Below

JV Partner On Boarding Video.  Let Our Team Help You Market To Your List Using: Email, FB Messenger, FB Ads (we paid for it and create them), Text Message, Do LIVE webinars at time time to your FB Groups, YT Channel and GTW.

Contact Us So We Can Add Massive Value To Your List And Fill Your Bank Account!

JV Success Manager

Joanne will ensure that your promotion runs smoothly. She is your go-to person for scheduling, email swipe, process access, custom registration page, replays, and prompt commission payments.  Contact her via Skype ID  jfyadbh to get started today.


JV Facebook Paid Ads Manager

Aby is in charge of maximizing sales by utilizing Facebook ads.  With traditional email marketing only 15% of your list will open your emails.  What about the 85% that did not open your emails?   Aby will assist you in targeting your list with a proven FB marketing and retargeting plan.  His Skype ID aby2maria  NOTE: contact Joanne first and she will create a Skype group for all. 


Head Course Coach

Shawn Snider worked as steel mill worker barely making ends meet when he came to Chris Winters asking what he can do to make money online.  Chris started coaching Shawn end of 2016 and by end of 2017, Shawn has sold over $585,000 and is on track for 2 million in sales for 2018.  He is the head coach in charge of course creation, supporting members with 2 live coaching calls per week, manages customers support, presents a high converting proven webinar to your list and is active daily in the private members only Facebook group.



Founder of Kallzu

Chris Winters is the founder of kallzu pay-per-call software, kallzu SEO, kallzu ads, kallzu ecom and soon kallzu fb local.  Chris actually does what he teaches with the help of team kallzu, a well-trained staff and coaches dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.  Chris prides himself in offering training courses that get REAL results for members because at kallzu, we actually do what we teach.

Feel free to contact Chris his Skype ID cwintersg  Please note: Joanne is in charge of the entire JV promotion including selecting promotions to market to the kallzu community.  Also, when you contact Joanne she will create a Skype group that will include Chris Winters and the entire JV promotions team.