WARNING: Client Acquisition Bootcamp Strictly Limited to 20 Spots

The World's ONLY Bootcamp That Guarantees You GET a Minimum Of 5 Pre-Paid Clients! Leave The Bootcamp With CASH In Hand And The Skills To Get Clients On Demand Calling You!

NO Cold Calling! Prospects Will Call YOU Wanting Your Services.

>>>Hurry! Only 6 spots left!<<<

>>>Offer expires when timer hits zero or all spots are taken, whichever happens first.<<<

First 10 spots qualify for discount $3,997.00 and rare opportunity to work 1-1 with William Meers in his Las Vegas home for 3 Full days.

Yes! I Want To Apply To Client Acquisition Bootcamp

You will get a call from Chris & William within 24 hours of completing application.

Questions & Answers

>>>>>>What exactly is included in this 6 week bootcamp? <<<<<<< +

This is a complete business in a box course.

*6 weeks 2 coaching calls per week on Tuesday and Thursdays 8pm New York Time (will be recording posted if you cannot make the calls).

*Complete training on how to pick a profitable niche, how to run a successful Google Adwords Call Only ad campaign.

* Exact system to get prospects to call YOU.

* Private Bootcamp FB group.

* How to scale your business beyond a 1 person company.

When does bootcamp start? +

Two coaching calls per week for 6 weeks.  First live coaching call is on July 3rd.  You will be given access to content 1 week prior to July 3rd with instructions on how to best prepare for the first coaching call.  For the first 10 people, you will have the option to spend 3 full working days at William's home in Las Vegas on July 24, 25 and 26 (so you fly in on a Monday and fly out late Thursday or Friday).   Want to have 3 FULL days with William to make the most of it.  NOTE: This is bonus option and NOT necessary to become successful.

Is there a payment plan? +

Sorry there are no payment plans available.  BUT we take payments for different amounts from different credit cards.  Some USA applicants can qualify for full or partial PayPal 6 months no payment no interest credit.

For example, someone could pay 25% by credit card 1, 25% by credit card 2, and remaining 50% by PayPal credit.

Another option is pay in installments but must be paid in full before bootcamp starts on July 3rd.

Is this situable for newbie? +

Heck YES!  It's perfect because you will learn thee MOST valuable business skill on the planet... How to get clients on demand as many as you want!! Plus we will guide you in selecting a profitable niche, and teach you step-by-step how to deliver qualified leads using Google Adwords Call Only ads.

Does this work in any country? +

YES!  Anywhere there is Google Adwords and local businesses that need more customer this system will work.  However, we highly recommend you start in the largest market place in the world USA.  If you have an accent DO NOT worry!!!  Our systems are so powerful nobody will care about your accent.  Recall USA is the melting pot build from generations of immigrants.

Whats the catch? +

There is one catch:) You must be able to follow our simple instructions and do the few hours of work required.  In other words, you need to be coachable and do exactly what we ask of you each week.  Really that simple there are not tricks, special skills, or super human effort required to succeed.  Just show up and follow the coaching.  Easy.

What if I am afraid to speak to prospects? +

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit scared when speaking with prospects everyone does:)  Reminder that these are INBOUND calls.  The prospect is calling YOU wanting to learn more.  Also, you will be given exact scripts for every possible questions from prospects.  In addition, you will spend 3 full days taking inbound calls from William's home July 24, 25, and 26 you will come fully trained plus have William there to support you.

When will I expect the call from you regarding my application? +

You will get a call within 24 hours or less from completing the application. You must have

app downloaded on your phone (it's free).

Success Stories From Our Client Acquisition Bootcamp Students... will you be next??

You're Invited To A PRIVATE Boot Camp Where You Are Guaranteed To Get 5 Paying Clients During the 6-week Camp AND Leave With A Complete System To Get As Many Clients As You WANT!

But that's only if you're one of the lucky 20 to join...

Lock in your spot now and discover.. 

  • How To Get Prospects In Your Niche To Call You
  • Complete System To Make $20,000 To $40,000 Per Month Selling Live Phone Call Leads
  • Exact Scripts To Answer Every Possible Question A Prospect Could Ask
  • Listen To .mp3 Recordings Of Others Using Our System To Close Clients
  • Leave Bootcamp With CASH in The Bank
  • Get Turn-Key System For Generating As Many Clients As You Desire
  • Learn the Secrets Of Getting Prospects To Call YOU Wanting Your Services
  • Specifically Designed For Those That HATE Selling & Cold Calling
  • Get 10 pre-paid verified clients during the boot camp and we will refund you 50%
  • Get 20 pre-paid verified clients during the boot camp and we will refund you 100%
  • If you do not get 5 pre-paid clients, you will be enrolled in a private 6-week boot camp but you will not qualify for the 10 client 50% and 20 client 100% refund.
  • If you're one of fist 10 selected you qualify to work 1-1 with William Meers for 3 full days in him Las Vegas home.
  • Learn how to deliver Google Call Only ads to your NEW clients. (complete biz in a box training)

This Can ONLY Be Taught LIVE

This a no-fluff, straight from years of experience on what is working TODAY.  You will be handed thee most powerful client acquisition system on the planet.  We will prepare you for everything possible -- questions and scenarios, then LIVE during the 6 week boot camp, your phone will ring off the hook with prospects wanting your service.

You will never be lacking in what to say as we will have prepared you 100%.  You will answer the phone with total confidence.

You will experience results like no other.....

You Must Act Quickly!

Let's be perfectly clear about something.  This workshop is being presented to more than 5,500 people from all over the world that want more clients for their offline agencies.

They all know that each client is at a minimum worth $10,000 USD per year  PROFIT and they will walk away from the event with a guaranteed 5 clients or $50,000 USD per year PLUS they can easily get 5, 10, 30 + more clients with our proven system.   So a small investment of $3,997 initially is an easy decision!!

The Iron-Clad Better Than No Risk Guarantee!

If after the live 6 week boot camp event you do not have 5 pre-paid clients. **Honestly, if you do the simple exercises, follow instructions, and take action you will have more clients than you know what to do with.** But if needed after the 6 weeks you do not meet minimum goals then you will be allowed to enroll in our next boot camp.  In addition, we will work with you 1-1 until you reach your goal.  In the past, the few that did not reach their goal was simply because they did not do the work.

You promise to do the step by step pre-event homework and coaching call work.

We are only accepting people who want to build a real online business and can follow directions.

Get 10 verified pre-paid clients during the 6 week boot camp and we will refund you 50%.

Get 20 verified pre-paid clients during the 6 week boot camp and we will refund you 100%

We will not refund for the following reasons: This is not for me. I am to busy with other projects. I cannot make it to virtual live 6 week event.  If you for some reason cannot get 5 clients in 6 weeks, (if you do the work and let us help you this is nearly impossible) then you will be enrolled in a private 6-week course but you will not qualify for the 10 and 20 client refund bonuses.

Is This Workshop Worth The Price For Admission?

You'll have to decide that but let's break it down purely in financial terms:

  1. The hardest part of having an offline service business is NOT the technical skills like SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.  It is having a system for getting clients on demand. Without paying clients, you do not have a business.  The cost of lost opportunity is huge!
  2. Each client regardless of niche is worth a minimum of $10,000/yr profit.  Our proven system will enable you to get as many clients as you want.  Allowing you to scale your business at your pace and write your own paychecks.
  3. The cost of the event is so SMALL compared to what you get in return.  Small investment with immediate life long return.

The Moment of Truth is Now...

If you're going to be one of the lucky few who get to experience this opportunity, you must act quickly,

Hit that application button now.  The workshop will be held for 6 full weeks... Starting July 3rd and if you're one of first 10 to be accepted, you will qualify to be 1-1 training with William in his Las Vegas home for 3 full days July 24 to 26th.

I hope for your sake, that you're one of the special people who will be involved in this intimate life-changing workshop.  And if you are, your business will be forever different once the workshop is over.


To your success,

Chris Winters & William Meers

Guaranteed  5 pre-paid clients!!!  Get 10 pre-paid verified clients during boot camp and we will refund you 50%.  Get 20 pre-paid verified clients during boot camp and we will refund you 100%.

First 10 spots discounted for $3,997.00 and qualify to work 1-1 with William for 3 full days at his Las Vegas home.

Yes! I Want To Apply To Client Acquisition Bootcamp

>>>Hurry! Only 6 spots left!<<<

>>>Offer expires when timer hits zero or all spots are taken, whichever happens first.<<<

You will get a call from Chris & William within 24 hours of completing application.